Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a Funeral

Not everyone knows that they have the right to a funeral in their parish church, even if they and the person who has died have not been church-goers. Nor do people always realise that they can have a Communion service as part of the funeral. Here at the two churches that make up Leeds All Saints with St Philips Osmondthorpe, our Vicar believes that taking funerals is an important part of her  work. If you would like a clergy person to take the service, please do ask about this before any other funeral arrangements are made to make sure that someone is and available. Ring on 0113 2497371 (or ask the funeral director to do this for you). The funeral director plays a very important part in all these arrangements and will want to know if the funeral is to be in church or if the service is to be taken at the crematorium. Funeral directors know the local clergy, the local cemeteries and the crematoria. 

FAQ (answered by Reverend Karen)

Why should I opt for a Christian Funeral?

For many years, before I was a priest, I worked with people who were ill and in the final stages of their lives...all ages.. And even where people were not churchgoers, and not necesarily religious, many would say that they believed in something and hoped for a life with God beyond their life on earth.  A Christian funeral reflects that hope in the readings and the prayers. 

But what about Dad's favourite song?

You can have just about whatever music you like at a funeral. In all the years I have been taking funerals only once have I asked someone to think again.  

What about poems and readings and prayers?

There are lots of poems and bible readings you could choose for a funeral. People have all sorts of different things, some funny, some sad, some in between. As for prayers, the funeral service uses prayers both as a way of saying thank you, and expressing some of the hope that I mentioned earlier.  There are lots of prayers to choose from and it's fine to use your own words too. One of the clergy persons's jobs is to help people to find ways of saying what is important to them.  Often, even people who are not religious tell me that they have found the prayers a comfort.

Does a Christian Funeral have to be in church with hymns and prayers?

No, no, and yes is the short answer! A funeral can take place church, at the local crematorium, at the graveside, at a green burial site, or anywhere else so long as the relevant permission has been obtained.   Sometimes it happens in several places e.g people have funerals in church and then go to the crematorium afterwards, others leave the vicar to go on with the hearse, to the crematorium to say a final prayer. 

What happens afterwards? 

If you would like further contact with the church, or support, this can be arranged. The days after a funeral can be a difficult time for people.  In addItion, we hold two memorial services every year where you can come along and light a candle and remember all the people you love but see no more. Please contact us if you would like to come along. Everyone is welcome.

If you have a query about a funeral, please ring 0113 2497371


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