Worship and Services

Service times

From the 4th of September 2016 Sunday sevices will start at 11:15AM.


Advent Group

It’s on the 4 Mondays of Advent starting on Monday 28th November from 6:30-8:30pm in the Church Hall.  An informal space to pray, sing and read the Bible together, preparing for Christmas.  We will be thinking about the theme of Journeys.


What's worship? 

Answer: -

Depends who and where you are? Basically, worship is a response to God. Its a way of expressing our gratitude through singing, playing music, dancing, writing,  reading the bible etc.  Its also about the way we live our lives, treating ourselves and all others we meet, with respect, love and care.  

At both churches we have various kinds of worship. Some times it is 'traditional' and other times it more experimental. Whatever we do though, it is a way of acknowledging God's love for us and the world and telling the story of God works in the world. 

On Saturdays look out for Messy Church (once a month at St Philips) which is a meeting where people esspecially children, make crafts, sing, listen to stories, and say prayers.

On Sundays look out for the Parish Communion, (sometimes called Mass, or Eucharist - which means 'thanksgiving, this involves singing, readings, prayers and bread and wine )

On Thursdays (St Philips 12.00 noon) we have a Communion service usually without music or singing. 

At Christmas look out for: Christingle (a service with lots of candlelight, and oranges!) Crib Service (we tell the story of the birth of Jesus through building the crib). Midnight Mass ( we remember Christ's giving of himself to die on the cross  and its bringing of new life, as one day turns into another). Epiphany (the coming of the wise men to pay respects to the baby king).

At Easter look out for Holy Week (seven days of services telling the story of how Jesus entered into Jerusalem amongst scenes of great celebration and died a rebel's death on the cross. 

On Easter Day we get up before the sunrise and prepare to celebrate the new life that comes into the world with Christ's resurrection. 

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Hymns Ancient and Modern
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